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Computing at Ridgewood


Computing at Ridgewood


At Ridgewood we strive to embed Computing across the curriculum.  Students in all Key Stages are encouraged to use Computing to develop their skills and knowledge based on Pre-Key Stage and Y1-Y6 outcomes.


Computing is taught as part of a topic based curriculum in key stage 3.


Computing is referred to as ICT in key stage 4.  OCR Entry Level ICT and ASDAN Supporting Aspirations: Independent Living Using my technology are the qualification pathways.


In key stage 5 Computing is also referred to as ICT and the emphasis is on preparing for adulthood.  The ASDAN Personal Progress qualification and Certificate in Personal and Social Development ensure ICT skills are embedded.


Examples of skills taught and applied across the curriculum:

  • Information Technology word processing, creating images, taking and using photographs and video, creating music and animations, using and creating databases.


  • Computing understand what algorithms are used for.


  • Digital literacy particularly how to use technology safely.


  • Switching and assistive technology.