Ridgewood Community High School, Eastern Avenue, Burnley, Lancashire BB10 2AT

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Ridgewood High School

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Music and Performing Arts at Ridgewood


At Ridgewood, we provide a broad range of musical experiences, including a large repertoire of listening experiences and opportunities to play on a range of instruments, including electronic devices.


Activities are planned in such a way as to encourage practical, relevant, first-hand participation, where achievement is not always dependent upon previously acquired musical skills.


We actively encourage the engagement of pupils through learning opportunities, and reflection on those, such as through opportunities to make audio and video recordings of their work.


All pupils are given the opportunity to develop their musical skills in order to achieve their potential as a musician, through lessons and extra-curricular activities, through input from external providers and through performance opportunities within school and beyond.


The sequential knowledge learnt and retained is then built upon each year as pupils learn and develop these skills.