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Ridgewood High School

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Physical Education at Ridgewood


At Ridgewood Community High School, we aim to engage and inspire all pupils, with physical education lessons that both excite and enthuse, and show outstanding progress throughout their education here.


Our intentions are; to increase and improve the overall activity levels and health of all pupils; to develop a positive relationship between being active and enjoyment; and to develop lifelong learning habits in health and fitness, which enables our pupils to take control of their own health and fitness once they have left our school.


Pupils learn to win and lose with respect and dignity, and will learn to become self-disciplined/ They will learn to work effectively and efficiently as part of a team to achieve a common goal, and develop excellent communication skills.


At Ridgewood we build upon the fundamental movement skills of each student, developing and improving physical abilities across the curriculum and key stages and focused and specific targets are set with aim of increasing skill development levels in each and every pupil.