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ICT at Ridgewood


Independent learners can communicate with fluency and can make reasoned choices. They can work and act co-operatively in small groups.  Following a varied level of support learners can work independently (i.e.  Age related expectations for reception (used to be known as NC L1a) upwards.  National Curriculum programmes of study across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 are adapted and differentiated for individual needs.  Accreditation in KS4 is AQA Unit Awards Entry Level and in KS5 OCR Digital Employability Award Entry Level.  
Supported learners require their learning to be supported through structured patterns of communication and social activity to enable them to develop positive social behaviour (i.e. P5 to EL 1).  National Curriculum programmes of study across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 are further personalised by incorporating individualised targets. This is further enhanced by elements from sensory and nurture curricula according to individual needs.  Accreditation in KS4 is ASDAN Transition Challenge and in KS5 ASDAN Personal Progress.
Experiential Learners These learners require their needs to be met primarily through experiences and activities which are multi-sensory and stimulate learning through kinaesthetic approaches and a (i.e. up to P4).  This curriculum is designed around very early development of communication, cognition / thinking skills and physical/sensory needs. This sensory curriculum is used to enhance early learning and development in pupils across school who present with sensory issues and those who learn best via a highly experiential, multi-sensory curriculum. Accreditation at KS4 is ASDAN Transition Challenge Sensory and includes elements of AQA Unit Awards.  In KS5 accreditation includes elements of ASDAN Personal Progress.