Ridgewood Post-16


Curriculum Offer 2023-2024

The Post-16 curriculum is a skills-based offer, intended to meet the needs of all learners and to prepare them for adult life, ensuring wherever possible they are able to fulfil their potential and achieve their aspirations.  Students acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills through the departments broad and balanced curriculum offer to ensure that they are successful in securing their intended future destinations.

The curriculum is implemented through a full-time, five-day programme of study which is tailored to individual needs through the use of personalised and differentiated pathways. The learning environment allows students to develop and practice knowledge and skills in a range of vocational areas with support and guidance from experienced and specialist staff.

The desired impact of the curriculum is that all students can move on to their intended destinations with transferable skills for the future allowing them to be as independent as possible in their adult lives. Opportunities are available for students to demonstrate achievement at all levels including pre-entry through to Level 1. All students work towards recognised certifications and those working at Entry Levels are entered for accredited qualifications.


Pathway 1 (Independent Learners)

English Functional Skills – Edexcel Entry Level 1-3

The English Functional Skills curriculum is made up of three units - Speaking, listening & communication, Reading and Writing.


Maths Functional Skills – Edexcel Entry Level 1-3

The Maths Functional Skills curriculum is made up of three units; Using numbers and the number system, Using common measures, shape and space, Handling information and data.


Work Based Learning – The Coffee Mill

Students will gain valuable knowledge and skills through practical work experience in a fully operational Coffee Shop. They will consolidate these skills by completing a range of vocational qualifications including Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Customer Service, Cleaning & Maintenance and Barista training.


Outdoor Education – Sporting NRG

The department works with Sporting NRG, a local company who provide specialist staff to deliver Outdoor Education. This year pupils will be learning a range of skills including bush craft and survival techniques, climbing, canoeing, fishing, cycling, leadership and teambuilding.



Pathway 2 (Supported Learners)

English and Maths

Students working at pre-entry level are taught English and Maths through the AQA Unit Award Scheme which enables them to build skills and confidence in early reading, writing, communication and number skills.


Physical & Sensory Programme

Students participate in a range of sports and physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, teambuilding, communication and self-esteem. The sensory programme incorporates the school’s state of the art sensory spaces to support students to stimulate their senses and explore how these play out in the world around them.


Pathways 1 & 2

AQA Unit Award Scheme – Pre Entry & Entry Level

Students will develop a broad range of knowledge and skills through working towards individual awards in a range of vocational areas. These include Art & Design, Complimentary Therapies, Horticulture, Food Technology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Health & Social Care, Home Maintenance, Textiles, Life Skills, Personal, Social & Health Education, Music, Outdoor Education, PE & Sport and Work-Related Learning.


Foodwise – ASDAN

The FoodWise Short Course offers rewarding activities to develop skills and knowledge through cooking and food preparation. This course helps learners develop practical cooking skills, as well as personal, social and work-related skills. The FoodWise Short Course will enable learners to: Learn what is meant by healthy eating and wellbeing, learn and demonstrate the skills and techniques needed to cook, gain an understanding of the importance of sustainability and cooking on a budget and learn about aspects of the food industry and how it operates.


Community Participation

Students are supported to access the local community and its facilities on a weekly basis. This allows them to develop confidence and social skills required for adulthood as well as introducing them to the services available in their local area.



Students take part in a range of enterprise activities throughout the year which includes both profit and not-for profit projects. Enterprise encourages all of our students to learn and develop in a way that meets their needs and develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.


Leisure & Wellbeing

The leisure and wellbeing sessions enable students to participate in a range of activities which support physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing whilst promote healthy lifestyle choices.


Music Therapy

Students participate in music therapy to develop their social communication skills, physical skills, their cognition and understanding of the world. Students are given new opportunities to express themselves, which leads to increased confidence and self-esteem.


Personal Development

The department provides pupils with meaningful opportunities to understand how to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society throughout the range of curriculum programmes. Healthy relationship & sex education is taught through the AQA unit award scheme appropriate to age and development with an emphasis placed upon relationships and relationship building. Students also participate in a range of activities which focus on topics that enable them to understand and encompass British values.


Careers Education

Students are able to experience the world of work through participating in mini-enterprise projects, running the break-time tuck shop and taking on responsibilities across school such as peer mentoring and volunteering. Careers units are taught within the AQA Unit Award Programme and there are opportunities within each subject to embed careers education; wherever possible staff make explicit links to potential jobs and careers. Guest speakers are invited in to talk about particular job roles. Students also access the local community on a weekly basis and discuss the roles and responsibilities of different workers within the community.  Through the Annual Review process, students and their families are informed of all suitable local provisions which is further supported by the Transitions Service. Each student is allocated a personal case worker who will discuss the full range of local provisions available each year. Regular visits to local provisions are arranged and facilitated through the KS5 SENCO.