New Parent App and Parent Portal 

We are excited to introduce our new Arbor Parent App!

Arbor is a highly secure system available via an app that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store on mobile or tablet devices. It can also be accessed via a secure website on any computer or tablet. 

This system will allow you to do things such as:  

  • See and update you own personal and contact information
  • See and update your child’s details, including medical information
  • Receive and send direct messages to school free of charge
  • Give consent and permissions for your child 
  • See your child’s attendance data in real time
  • View your child's daily timetable
  • Access your child’s school report as they become available
  • See notifications and events from school as they happen

We will also continue developing the app and portal over the coming months, with even more features, and we’re sure that it will make life easier for our parents as we develop our system further. Interacting with our Arbor system will also give you the peace of mind that school are holding the correct information for your child, and that you have a direct way of contacting school and knowing what is happening here at Ridgewood.


Getting Started:

Important - In order for you to log in successfully, we need to have your correct email address on our system. If you use a different email address to the one we have on record, this will be the likely cause of any issues trying to log in.

Getting started for the first time is really easy.  Please follow the steps below:

To login into the Parent Portal for the first time, download the App or visit the Arbor login page.

Click the “First time logging in” option in the bottom left corner and follow the instructions.

Only parents set as Primary Guardians can log into to the app, so please let us know if you have any issues with other parents or carers logging in.

Arbor also has lots of help available online, and there are a number of useful guides, which are linked below: