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Welcome to the transition section of our website.

If your child is joining us in September as a new year 7 student, this part of the school website is just for you!

On here, you will find lots of information to answer all the questions that we are sure you will have.

We know that moving from primary to secondary school can be an anxious time for parents and pupils. We hope we can reassure you that this is also an exciting time.

We are here to welcome you and support you every step of the way.


What will be happening in the Summer Term?:

You are invited to look around school at a convenient time to suit you and your child. Whilst we are following COVID restrictions, this will be at the end of the school day when the current pupils have gone home. Hopefully as restrictions ease you can come and visit during the school day too.

Please ring the school office and ask for Mrs Rostron (01282 682316) or email Mrs Naylor (j.naylor@ridgewood.lancs.sch.uk) to organise when you would like to come and visit.

Towards the end of the term, your child and the other Y6 pupils, will have the opportunity to come and spend some time in school for transition activity days. These dates to be confirmed but will be organised through the feeder primary schools.

In addition, the Y7 class teachers will organise to come and see your child and their teachers and support staff in their primary school setting. This is useful to build a picture of you child’s strengths and needs to make sure we have everything in place ready for September.

Where possible, Mrs Naylor will also attend the Y6 annual review of your child’s EHCP.

Keep checking this section of the website because we will keep adding new information. If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please email: j.naylor@ridgewood.lancs.sch.uk or our office manager office@ridgewood.lancs.sch.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Julie Naylor.

Assistant Head. Y7 Transitions Coordinator.

New Pupil Induction Pack  
Filename Download (pdf) Download (doc)
1. Pupil Registration Form (PDF Version) (Word version)
2. Parent Carer Consent Form (PDF Version) (Word version)
3. Communication Passport (PDF Version) (Word version)
4. Personal Care Products (PDF Version) (Word version)
5. Medication Request Form (PDF Version) (Word version)
6. Home School Agreement (PDF Version) (Word version)
7. School Uniform (PDF Version)
8. School Absence (PDF Version)
9. Photography (PDF Version)
10. Internet Permission Form (PDF Version)
11. Educational Visits (PDF Version)
12. Administration of Medicines (PDF Version)
13. Privacy Notice (PDF Version)
14. School Meals Information (PDF Version)
15. Term dates (2021 to 2022) (PDF Version)