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What is Year 7 Catch up Funding?

Year 7 Catch Up funding is additional funding allocated to publicly funded schools to help raise the achievements of year 7 pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.


How does that break down?


The school receives Department for Education funding for Year 7 for ‘Catch-up Literacy and Numeracy’ to support interventions at the entry to Key Stage 3.

Ridgewood Community High School received £10,000 (based on 21 pupils)


What are the barrier to raising achievement?


Ridgewood Community High School wants to ensure the gap to be narrowed is supporting the aspirational aims identified in the Education Health and Care Plans/Statement for each learner.


These gaps are specifically narrow in the areas of:

  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Speech language and social communication needs
  • Medical/ Physical / sensory needs and associated conditions
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Limited Life skills/ Independence skills/ Social enrichment



What are we investing in to raise achievement?


The school utilises this funding in two ways:

  • To support the cost of a Literacy and Numeracy Intervention Higher Level Teaching Assistant for pupils who are identified as not achieving their expected progress.
  • Purchasing specialist resources which are appropriate to the individual stage of development to promote learning priorities for cognition and communication



The impact of this funding is monitored through the Pupil Progress data and presented to the School Effectiveness Committee (SEC) and Governing Body Committee termly.  This data is also monitored half termly to ensure pupil are identified quick and bespoke intervention are put into place.  








Intensive small group work delivered and designed to develop Literacy and Maths skills.

These students are operating significantly below their mainstream peers in relation to Literacy and Mathematical development

Analysis of 2018-19 data indicated that in: Literacy 73% students showed progress

Maths 83% students showed progress.  Thereby demonstrating progress towards narrowing the gap in Literacy and Maths between these Year 7 students and the national average (mainstream).

Small groups of students with TA interventions specifically designed to develop Speech, language and Communication skills (PECS)

These students are operating significantly below their mainstream peers in relation to speech, language and communication development

Analysis of 2018-19 data indicated that  progress in communication/language skills, thereby demonstrating progress towards narrowing the gap in speech and language between these Year 7 students and the national average (mainstream)

Additional TA  support for experiential learners (i.e. most complex learning and/or medical needs)

These students are at the very early stages of their development needs, have very limited concentration and require a sensory based approach to learning with regular changes in activities

Analysis of 2018 – 2019 data shows that a divers/sensory weekly timetable allows students to progress with overall communication thus enhancing learning.

Communication software package e.g. Eye Gaze software

These students all experience significant language difficulties and as such are unable to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas with others

Using Communication Software showed that some students utilised more fully than others which lead to  the enhancing of communication.