Friends of Ridgewood are a charity with the purpose of providing opportunities to children with disabilities. We aim to provide the highest standard of activities with inclusivity, learning and cognitive development being at the heart of everything we do. 
We support our children across a broad range of disabilities from children in wheelchairs/walkers to children with learning/speech difficulties and everything in between. Every child has the right to participate in various activities and made feel part of the wider community to ensure their well-being and mental health are at the forefront.
We provide a wide range of activities for our children. We aim to cover a broad range of sports including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Archery, Team Building games, Co-ordination fun games and much more. We have a Creative department which focuses on projects throughout the year based on different themes e.g. making Christmas decorations using Arts and Crafts material, decorating pumpkins for Halloween, creating firework displays using glitter, glue and coloured paper etc. 
Music is a big part of our programme, with huge interest from within the school, we're able to support that love of music with the use of our masses of equipment. From guitars, piano's and karaoke, our children are spoilt with options to learn, experience and most of all, have fun!
We also have just started a new programme for our PMLD children in school. Supported by our highly experienced and qualified staff, this new programme provides opportunities for our PMLD children, with the use of our state-of-the-art facilities, to have experiences that no other company can provide.
Our dedicated team of staff are highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic about the welfare and development of our children. We're always thinking of new innovative ways to further develop and improve our programme for the benefit of the children. Our staff are full-time/part-time fully qualified teachers who work within the school and take their time to involve themselves in our programme outside of school hours for the love of working with children with disabilities. Aligned with the values and principles of the charity, our staff see the impact of the work we do and are driven to push it forwards and increase participation numbers within the school and hopefully beyond to the wider community.


 You can find our documents and policies below